I have heard that people like cats. Especially online.  There are millions of videos and photos of cats posted all over the interweb.

I can’t say I completely understand.  Nevertheless, this is my small contribution to the online cat conversation.

Truth be told, this is really just an attempt to get more people to look at my blog.

If I write about cats, and how they have soft fur, and how they like to jump and scratch, and how they can be so affectionate, and how they have cute little whiskers, and how they have the most adorable little babies, and how they sometimes bring you dead mice as presents, and how they really like catnip, and how they meow and purr and keep you cozy and warm in the winter while you watch Sleepless in Seattle all alone and snuggle up in a big heavy blanket that your dead grandmother made for you that time you had mumps and had to stay home from school for a whole week……. (big deep breath)… then I’ll be writing about something that people like:  CATS!

When people search for cat photos, they’ll find me. When they look for cute cat videos, they’ll find me.  When they want to find out about little kitty halloween costumes, they’ll find ME.  When they search for ways to give a cat a bath, THEY’LL FIND ME!

Ah, ha ha ha ha!  (villainous laughter… pause…)

At least… that’s one possibility.

I guess my little blog could just get lost in an ocean of internet cat pages, too. We’ll see, I guess.  Should be an experiment worth the 5 minutes it took to write this.

If I don’t see more activity, then I’ll rant about something less ubiquitous and post that.