What does “mudfudding” mean?

It’s mudfud with a gerund, of course.  Okay, well what’s a mudfud?

Well the first thing that you should learn is that the proper spelling is “mudphud”.  I use the ‘f‘ instead of the ‘ph‘ because it’s more artsy that way… or something.

Okay, so what’s a mudphud.  That’s easy to explain with a simple, 5-step exercise.  But you have to play along and follow these instructions.  Trust me, it’s going to be awesome!

  1. Open up some kind of word processor, or go get a pencil and paper.
  2. Write out “MUDPHUD” just like this, in capital letters.
  3. Erase the first letter ‘U’.
  4. Okay, now erase the other letter ‘U’.
  5. Now, say the name of each letter from left to right (you know, like singing the alphabet song: M = “em”, etc.)

So there you go!  A MuDPHuD is an MD/PhD:  physician scientist who holds both MD and PhD degrees.

Thus I affectionately refer to being an MD/PhD student as “mudfudding: learning to save the world… one pipet tip at a time.”  (This is a pipet.)

Now… if you read through this whole thing even though you already knew what a mudphud is, then thank you for reading.

If you are an MD/PhD student or graduate, then you probably have better things to do than to read this whole stupid thing in the first place, and thank you even more for reading.


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